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  • Peter Spina  ( 2 items )

    Peter Spina experience in the precious metals markets begins back in the mid-1990's, which led to the creation of back in 1995. Since then, has moved as one of the top three most visited gold sites in the world.

    During the past few years, was launched quickly making it the most visited silver website!  Other sites Peter Spina is a proprietor of includes,, and is also an analyst at

    With the emerging molybdenum bull market, Peter Spina has launched, aiming to be the largest moly investor information resource site.

    To contact Peter Spina, please use the "Contact Us" menu button.



  • Ken Reser  ( 6 items )

    Mr. Reser has over 20 years direct involvement in the Gold Mining market sector as well as having been a Placer Gold Miner for a number of years in Yukon and British Columbia. He has had considerable experience in the PR field with Jr Gold, Diamond & Oil Explorationists in the 1990's.  Mr Reser has consulted on Gold exploration and prospecting projects in Africa (Ghana) and South America (Bolivia) as well as his personal extensive mineral claim staking in Lac De Gras, NWT, British Columbia, & Yukon.  He is a founding member of the Gold Anti-Trust Action (GATA). He is presently involved in a Corp Development & Research Consulting capacity for three Canadian mining companies.

    Ken Reser can be contacted at contacted at 403-844-2914



  • Jason Hommel  ( 1 items )

    Jason Hommel is a leading silver analyst and newsletter writer. He was born in April, 1970 and grew up alpine ski racing in Lake Tahoe, California. In college he was on the alpine race team at the University of Colorado - Boulder. He graduated in 1994 with a B.A. in Psychology.

    In 1999, Jason began to study gold, silver, money, and the precious metals market including silver and gold stocks. Soon, he began to work for his father, giving him investment advice and helping to manage his portfolio.

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  • Various Contributors  ( 12 items )

    Various authors on Moly.


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