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Early Stages of the "REAL" Molymania Print E-mail
Written by Ken Reser   
Thursday, 22 March 2007
It's not often that I would make any future Mo price projections outside of an editorial piece on Moly, but today I must as I don't have time for a lengthy editorial at present.  After conversations today with one who is far more connected than I could ever hope to be w/ regards to Moly (& Uranium) players and worldwide demands going forward, I found my own past and present optimism on Moly prices being soundly confirmed.  In a nutshell we are in the latest & still early stages of the "REAL" Molymania.  (last years (2) were just the opening salvo). I'm hearing we will see $50.00 Moly in /07 and the mania will equal what we have seen (and will see more of) in the Uranium sector.  Apparently from another source also today, I hear that already some end users are trying to outbid for Moly production from a couple of Jr miners who have entered into off-take agreements (abeit too early price wise) by offering higher prices.  These are all things that I have expected would happen and written about in past.  If you love Moly plays hang in there for the longer haul, buy a near-term producer with a BFS in hand and enjoy the ride on the Moly express.  I do believe in the next 8 months many Moly nay-sayers are going to be very sorry they didn't pay more attention to just how much more world Moly demand there is & will be compared to production over the next few years....Ken Reser.


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