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Overlooked Moly Producer Primed for Major Upside Print E-mail
Written by Peter Spina   
Monday, 07 May 2007

It is my pleasure to present to you the stock report below. It has been many months since I last introduced you to Win-Eldrich Mines, TSX-V: WEX back in early 2006 (the report was viewed nearly 13,000 times). Since then, I have been witness to the progress made, strides forward at the super high-grade moly despoit in Nevada. After visiting the project last Summer, I increased my confidence in the potential growth in valuations. Much progress has been encountered in the time I reported to you on this near-term moly producer. Through all the laborious efforts from those involved at the Ashdown project, we can finally see the long-awaited reward from the Ashdown mine. This is a resourceful article to update you and discuss potential valuations in the company.

As a reflection before reading Mr. DesLauriers’ report I would like to share that from Start to Finish, I still believe I will be able to conclude the following on this property looking back:

Investors may can conclude in retrospect that through their great patience, the Ashdown property was able to successfully turn into a fine moly-gold deposit meeting and exceeding initial expectations. A greatly increased reserve base has been able to extend the mine life while giving the operators the ability to expand production including the gold assets on the property – how Ashdown itself was discovered many, many years ago.  Much must go to the hard efforts of those involved, ecspecially from the starting days. The property will be looked back upon as a terrific success story during the great molybdenum bull market of the 21st century. It may indeed be recognized by history as a terrific moly junior investment opportunity.

As I always make clear to my readers and in the interest of full disclosure, Analysis above is not to be used as financial advice, they remain my opinion only. All investors should research and read all company material independently before coming to any sort of conclusions I have made which may lead to future investments.  I own a position in Win-Eldrich Mines (WEX.V) and they do hold an advertising contract which sites are related to me. I reserve the right to profit from the rising value of this company at this and any future time.

Peter Spina, Founder

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Overlooked Moly Producer Primed for Major Upside
By: David J. DesLauriers
“Win-Eldrich is in the enviable position of actually being a moly producer, something only a handful of other listed companies can boast. While the stock has run up a little bit recently, it has not experienced anything near the triples and quadruples we have seen across the sector in the last month or so.
WEX looks to be one of the very few cheap ways to achieve that and will use its cash flow from the safety of Nevada to potentially uncover a much larger resource within its grounds.”



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